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Avoco Secure is an innovator in data orchestration and digital identity. Avoco’s API (Application Programming Interface) and services have been used in government and industry since 2005. Avoco’s delivery of an Identity Network, named Trus-T, that orchestrates identity data and verification, was rated as outstanding by the industry analyst KuppingerCole. Avoco’s ID Network pioneered the use of banking data to supply the consented, sharing of verified attributes without the requirement to create new identities.
Avoco leverages Open Banking and other authoritative identity attribute providers with its proprietary identity API to deliver verified identity services, packaged as an identity hub: Trust-T. Its regional focus is on the United Kingdom, but has compatibility with some Western European countries and plans of expansion.
Avoco uses its identity hub, situated between sources of data and relying parties (P) to enable identity collection from trustworthy sources for verification, authentication, consent management, account management, etc. An RP customer, for example a bank or a retailer, selects which trusted identity providers - connected via Avoco's API to the Trus-T identity hub - to use for onboarding and authentication. The user is then prompted to onboard with the selected identity providers, typically a bank ID. The hub is rule-based,
able to customize requirements such as selectively calling the necessary identity attributes for that customer's transaction. Connections to decentralized ledgers for storing the user's assurance level for future use is also possible. Document checks for drivers' licenses, passports, and optionally for other documentation can be conducted with a document scanner otfered through partners or manual input to be checked against a government database. Face-to-face verification is possible at designated locations. Biometric verification is an option for real time security uplift from partners including Thales, matching a document photo against a selfie or collecting behaviorally biometric data.

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Avoco advises on the Scottish Government’s digital identity programme

Avoco Secure has been awarded a contract to act as advisors to the Scottish Government digital identity programme on reusable attributes.... read more

30.03.2022 • By Avoco Secure